Kids in Tech is a technology Club in every school and Highschool that motivate and encourage students to get involved in tech projects

Also, it creates new ways of learning based on technology – learning by doing and encourages especially girls to participate

Teachers can found a KIT Club (with minimum 5 students) in their school and begin to code in an interactive and funny way

KIT exposes the opportunities that technology has to offer – jobs, information and professional guidance

Coding can develop concept thinking and it can prepare the young generation to face technology in every domain

The club is free for every student and teacher involved, they learn after a special curriculum based on age and knowledge level

It’s not enough for students to know how to use technology – they have to know how it works.

Kids in Tech is the biggest, boldest, bravest nonprofit education project yet  – a Computer Science club in each European’s Union school and high school.

We invite companies, Government officials, NGO’s, teachers and students to be part of this project.

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” Technology is  part of our lives and we know that this is only the beginning. If you don’t offer our children the chance to get near technology, it will affect not only their lives, but everyone’s as well. Kids in Tech is a nucleus of technology and education in every European school.”

Alin CHIRIAC, Founder Kids in Tech

The first EU project that gives tech companies the chance to get involved into providing educational programs for schools and high-schools, to impact & influence the Europe’s future pool of tech talents.


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Are you a student?

Be the first to gather other friends and found a KiT club in your school or high school!

Sign up as an ambassador!

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Are you a teacher?

Support us in launching the biggest complementary educational project in Europe!

Let’s show the world that the institution you are a part of is ready to offer the chance to teach these fundamental skills of the 21st century to the next generation of students.

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Are you a company?

Now you have the opportunity to help creating the biggest impact on tech education in Europe. How? By developing programs meant to help kids understand technology.

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Kids in Tech is free

Under no circumstances can someone ask for money in exchange for didactic services.

We will find ways to sponsor teachers efforts but the fact remains, each student should have free access to Kids in Tech club and the courses we provide.

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